About Listeners Unite

Listeners Unite is a website by author, Linda Eve Diamond, which has been sharing blog posts, guest contributor articles, listening quotes, links, and more since 2006. Technical difficulties have required moving and rebuilding the website, and some sections have been lost, though they may be rebuilt over time.

Unfortunately, the Have You Heard? blog, which has had many special contributions since 2006, was lost in the transfer. This website has been deeply enriched by all who have contributed their warmth and wisdom over the years and this feature may open up again in the future.


Earlier this year, Listeners Unite  announced that the listening skills guide, Rule #1: Stop Talking was getting an update, which would be available for free through the website. That project has been set back, but the hope is now to slowly integrate key elements of the book into the website to make the information current and free.

Please check back for additions, over time, and enjoy the quotes, links, assessments, and poems currently posted. For more poetry, visit the Poetry Page. at www.LindaEveDiamond.com

Thanks for listening!  

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