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About Listeners Unite

Listeners Unite has been sharing thoughts on listening, listening quotes, and links to listening-centered connections since 2006. While much has been lost due to technical issues, Listeners Unite has been deeply enriched by all who have contributed to the blog and to pages on listening in education, families, business, and the arts. 

After rebuilding, the new Listeners Unite is now more focused on the arts, while maintaining the Listeners Unite Listening Quotes Library as well as Listening Links to organizations and websites that span a wide range of listening-related information, services and connections, including The Human Library,  Free Listening, The International Listening AssociationThe Global Listening Centre, and more. 

The new Poetry Page features a small selection of poems and the Poetry Prompts page includes poetic inspirations that include inner listening, interpersonal listening, and listening to sounds, as inspiring poetry and visual art. An Invitation to Share introduces an outline for a new anthology of listening-centered arts. Please check back as this page will offer complete guidelines when submissions open. Whether you're a published poet or new to poetry, you'll be invited to send your listening-inspired creations. 


A few thoughts on poetry and listening: Listening is both a skill and an art. Listening is poetry. Poetry is listening. The process of listening involves considering other perspectives, visions and expressions. The process of writing poetry begins with listening—inner listening, listening to others, stories, sounds, subtleties of language and tone, discussion, debate, cultural clashes...  Poetic expressions, such as metaphors and unusual use of line breaks, offer new ways to listen to ideas we may have heard before and hear them in new ways.  


The site creator, Linda Eve Diamond is an author whose latest publication is the free digital collection: The Art of Listening: An Anthology of Listening-Themed Poetry and Visual Arts. Linda Eve has been honored to receive the International Listening Association's President's Award and her poetry has been honored with the National Federation of State Poetry Societies Founders Award, the REELPoetry Film & Video Prompt Award, and three Artists Embassy International's Dancing Poetry Awards "for exceptional poetry that inspires dance and for furthering intercultural understanding and peace through the universal language of the arts." Visit Linda Eve's website at

Thanks for listening!  

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