Anthology Submissions are Open!

Submissions are open through September 15th, 2022, for a Listeners Unite Anthology!

Send your listening-inspired poetry and visual arts to be part of this upcoming collection! 


Guidelines for Listening-Inspired Poetry: 

  • Cut and paste 1 - 5 poems into the Contact form on this site. Include "Submission" in the  subject line.

  • Before your poem (or poems), type your name and email address. (The contact form lets you use an alias, but be sure to put your correct address in the form!)

  • For poems inspired by prompts on this website, please include prompt #s before the poems.

  • If a poem has been previously published, include credit to the place of first publication.

  • Include a brief bio (approx. 50 words or less). Feel free to make it professional, personal, poetic, or listening-related. Introduce yourself in whatever way makes you comfortable. 

  • Formatting: If your poem includes special formatting (which will not come through the contact form), please add a brief note to let me know. (I may reach out to request a formatted version.) All contributors will have a chance to review the final formatting before publication.

Guidelines for Listening-Inspired Visual Arts: 

  • To share your photographs, drawings, paintings, sculptures, collages, or other visual arts, please reach out through the Contact form on this website with "Visual Arts" in the subject line.

  • Introduce yourself with a brief bio and the titles of (up to five) works you'd like to submit. 

  • If the works are online, please provide links. If not, please provide brief descriptions. The contact form does not allow uploads, but once we are in touch I can offer you another way to submit them. 

Content Guidelines: This anthology will celebrate the art of listening and be a safe place for sensitive readers. Please do not send submissions that contain graphic language or imagery or would require a content warning.

Contributors Under 18: Please include your age in parentheses at the end of your bio. 


Parents and Educators: You're invited to share age-appropriate prompts on this list with kids submit their listening poems, along with their ages. I will reach out to confirm parental consent before publishing.

Notifications: You'll receive an email within one week of your submission to confirm receipt, though you may not hear a final decision until after the deadline.   


Publication Details: The current plan is for this to be a digital anthology, published by Listeners Unite in 2023, but there is a possibility of a print edition. By submitting, you are giving permission for publication of your original works in this collection, in both print and digital forms.

Questions? Please send questions through the same contact page with "Question" in the subject line. If you have any trouble with using the contact form, please click here to send me an email

Thanks for listening and for sharing your unique voice!  

Linda Eve Diamond

Two more ways to share your creative voice... 


This year, I sponsored The Listening Poem Award as a new category in the National Federation of State Poetry Societies (NFSPS) annual awards. Contest winners will be notified by NFSP,  announced at the NFSPS Convention in (June 2022), and published in Encore: Prize Poems 2022 (NFSPS's annual anthology of prize-winning poetry (which usually comes out in August).

Did you submit to this contest? Whether or not your poem was selected as a NFSPS contest winner, consider sending your poem for the Listeners Unite Anthology! If your poem was a winner, congratulations!! If you send it for the Listeners Unite Anthology, please make sure to mention the prize and credit NFSPS's Encore: Prize Poems with first publication.  :)


(I haven't seen the entries and will only see the judge's final selections. I look forward to reading them!)




Looking for another place to share your poetry with a warm, wonderful listening community?


The International Day of Listening (ILD) is an annual event, sponsored by the International Listening Association, and celebrated on the third Thursday of September. The IDL website invites recordings of "listening moments" for the website, which can be recorded and shared any time. 

Do you have poetry to share as a listening moment? Or music? Or sounds of nature? What does a listening moment mean for you? What listening moments would you like to share with the world? Consider recording your poem or other listening moment and sharing on the Listening Moments page!